About This Particular Human

Oh, goodness, what to say about myself… well, first off, Migi Mabp isn’t my actual name.
Shocker, I know.  It’s an acronym, for… most of my names.

I am Roman Catholic, gotta say that first, just so everyone understands where I’m coming from.  I think that my faith is one of the reasons I write this blog.  It’s a devotion of some mental strength to expressing how I think about the world.  It’s definitely an outlet, that’s for sure.  One way of battling my struggles with faith, and things, and basically just life in general.
One life goal I have is to visit the Vatican again before I die, and actually at least kneel before the Pope, maybe even receive his blessing.  Yes, that would be cool.
I’m an introvert, but then, this is an outlet.
I also like documenting a lot of things, so triple plus on this whole writing thing.
Thanks to my ever passing years, I think that I’ve definitely come to appreciate having my parents’ words of advice, and picking up classic tips from them.
For example, the most awesome music: A lot from the 80’s.
Tie style tips: Have it provide contrast to your entire outfit.
Marriage tips: Prepare, get a steady job, be able to support a family, and a few other things, before actually going for it (just their personal experience, and it sounds like a solid plan).

I like planning a lot.  Like, a LOT.  I don’t like walking into a week without a plan.  I’m control-freaky. And “somewhat” insecure about my diminutive height (not so much these days anymore.  As my brother puts it, as long as my wife is shorter, I’ll be good).  Not a high-functioning sociopath, for those of you that get the reference.
Ironically, I like writing in a mostly spontaneous fashion, with maybe a tiny bit of prep beforehand.

Speaking of marriage, I would like to see all my siblings (five, but one’s in heaven, so four) find their calling, and I’m already planning how to like… congratulate them when the moment of fulfillment comes.  Maybe some elaborate drawings of them with their spouses in some atmosphere that befits their shared journey together, drawing on the traits demonstrated by both.
Near the same topic, I enjoy ballroom dancing.  Not to say that I’m any good at it, but I enjoy it.  It’s fast-paced, and when it comes to movement, I hate being slow.
That and martial arts.  Keeps the stamina up, and prepares you for battle tactics and wooing lady friends.  Don’t quote me on that.
Along with those extracurricular activities, I profess a desire to finish a book, or even a series of books… assuming I can finish the one I’m working on.  Ever.
Current future plans include becoming a Mechanical Engineer, because that sounds awesome, and… yeah… college.  Whoot whoot! What else…?

I would like to reach Heaven, lofty goal I know, but that’s eternity for ya (heh heh).

Oh, and finally, I like keeping things up to date.  That’s probably what keeps this blog alive (sort of).  My determination to keep going with something, no matter how slow I am!  Yeah!  So in future days, I’ll probably return to this page and maybe edit a few things.

TL;DR? Roman Catholic, One of Six kids, Introvert, Martial Artist, Foolish Dreamer.

– M

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