Old Habits Die Hard

High school is over!

It’s off to new adventures.  The summer, the excitement, the thrill of the warm air as it rushes past.  The light of a new moment, another journey.

I could go on, but I’m sure most people know the feeling, so I won’t bother rehashing it here.

College as a HS senior was an interesting undertaking, I will say that.  Professional Practices was – surprisingly – a favorite class of mine, and I enjoyed it immensely.  The same was true for Drawing and even Interpersonal Communication at some points.
It’s surprising how quickly it all went.
Now I can actually begin.  This is it.

I’m still me of course, constantly looking at what could be, and not really liking the fact that a lot will have to change if I’m going to survive.
It’s hard!  Change is hard.  Probably why I haven’t touched this blog in ages.  It was a relatively new experiment for me, and then all sorts of other things started to become the priority.

I started working and became a “contributing member of/to society” (as my friend likes to say), I’ve been constantly preparing for the summer and several retreats I’m going on; trying to get classes scheduled despite hiccups with adviser appointments and final transcripts; trying to keep in touch with the friends who will be leaving or I haven’t seen in a while, and trying not to be lazy and sit on my computer all day (I’m working on breaking the cycle… after I finish writing*).

Even that odd story I was trying my hand at has lain untouched for a good 5 months or more.  Maybe.  I might have last written in February actually.  The point is…

Time is… extremely fragile.  Fleeting.  Momentous.  Slowly turning.  I could go on for a bit.

High school was an 4 odd years; quick to go, with oddness, awkwardness, and yeah okay, the occasional great moment.

I’ve been gifted with great friends who I’ll probably rarely see, been through some adventures of the dancing type, the biking type, the camping type, the ceremony type, the working type, and just the ordinary… type.  Clickity clackity, there go my keys.

What can I possibly say at the end of such a thing?

I have been and still am grateful for that time that I’ve had to continue in growth, and as with any large turning point, it’s now back to the drawing board.

It’s like a new year’s resolution, but not really.  Brains be filled with balderdash.

Goal setting is the term I’ll use.  I need to be… realistic.  Write it out.  Keep it in view, otherwise I’ll forget, and there it goes!
Good grief, I just need a sticky note that constantly (and automatically) changes positions in my room so I don’t get used to its placement and inevitably forget it.
Someone get on inventing that.  I might pay for it.  Maybe.

Right, here goes!

  • Work on this blog (redesign, write posts, get with the program)
  • Edit and take pictures and constantly work on building up a photo album to look back on in the future
  • Journal more about momentous moments in life
  • Write my book (and hopefully finish it before the end of August, because good heavens I’ve been dragging it out)
  • Make time to read good books!  I haven’t finished a heavy book in a long while…
  • Draw (charcoal, pencil, pen)
  • Get more active by biking around or taking a stab (heh, it’s funny because I totally have a training knife) at the punching bag.  Maybe even do pushups on a regular basis again.  That way next time there’s a hike, I’m not the slowest man alive.
  • Write letters to people, because it’s the only heartfelt way I can probably keep in contact without being that guy who just shoots a random text now and then… ah sadness.
  • Keep my area of study (i.e. my room) clean.
  • Learn more swing dance moves so that I’m not a one note person thingamajigger.
  • Listen to and discover music other than Hamilton (although to be honest, despite the language it has that I disapprove of, it’s pretty addicting).

Well, there you have it folks, my madness on display.  Not like that was never the case, but sweet glory…

Consider me returned.  In a way.  Don’t think it’s too permanent.  Still getting back into the swing of things.


*Blah writer’s block, but…