The Challenge’s Blessing

So, it’s been a while.  That’s kind of how everything goes.  Lovely stuff, college work.  There are enough enjoyable moments that I can get through things without dying.  That, and it’s almost the end of semester!  Week 14, Day 63.  That was Tuesday.  So next time, Week 15, Day 64.  Good gravy.
My old, dry humored design professor has really warmed to us students, and now he just pokes fun.  In fact, I think we’ve all become close enough to hilariously criticize one another (especially the prof and his drawings), with interesting results.  All in good fun, of course.

Right, so today’s Thanksgiving.  I meant to put this up days ago, but again, that whole college thing just got in the way a tiny bit.
Trying things, friends who are a bit on the overbearing side (like me), and teachers who criticize my faith.  The thing is… they’re actually a blessing.  Call me insane if you will, but I mean, that’s hardly a factor here.

No, the way to view those situations is as opportunities to practice charity.  A way to sacrifice my tendency towards open conflict.  That’s not to say that I’ll just sit silently and seethe inside, because that’s wrong too, but both situations provide a chance to retreat.  And after that retreat, reengage with renewed mind of reason.
By retreat, I mean the way that Mr. Bursa mentioned during Fall Retreat *cough, cough*. Think tactically, like the one man army that I can be.  Remove oneself from the battlefield to analyze the next tactic that one must take.
It’s more efficient, and perhaps it’s also a quicker route to peace.
It forces me to confront myself, begging the question: “Why do I do what I do?”
Why take my route of engaging on a less confrontational level?

To be welcoming.  To try and lead in being the better man, not putting down others, but attempting to respect them to the best of my ability, even while having an opposing view.  It’s not easy.  I am by nature a very judgmental individual, but I’m working to correct that.
It’s a journey, after all.
So that’s why I can be thankful for these moments where I can practice charity.  Thus, I have a reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving.  For challenges, for God who is Love, for a fantastic family, for brilliant friends, and even my own life.
It’s all a gift.  We just need to choose to see it that way.