A Thousand Shiny – Formally Dressed – Krenkos

So there’s that title.

Four – no, three, topics:

Shiny Krenkos/RPG (Almost Complete) Reunion
St. Gertrude
A (no, The) Formal

To begin with the blessings of a thousand shiny Krenkos… Saturday was the epic day of Magic, bonfires, and jokes born of exhaustion.
In other words, absolutely fantastic stuff.
It all started with an impromptu get together plan at Jacob and Sam’s house.  Turns out, those bros (and our sort of adopted/extended ones) were both home for the weekend.  College in other places does tend to keep people busy.
The epitome of epic involved Ale-8 bottles, toasts, the occasional groveling to whoever the mighty king of the moment was.  Yes, Jacob, Sam, Rich, Cam, Paco, and myself… but not forever!  Nathan joined in with gusto, and soon we had a nasty game of Usurper going, zapping people left and right with mad skillz.  Alas, I did not survive my entire reign as king.  Sam, the assassin, did his job well.  I was as dead as a doornail.
But to soften the blow, we had hotdogs of excellence, meat, moar meat, chocolate, and some discussion and campfire songs.  Let me tell ya, when singing happens, it gets pretty crazy.
A Thousand Shiny Krenkos, and all that.  Saturday.  End.

St. Gertrude, was as awesome as ever.  I’ll be brief on the topic though.  It’s quite a bit to understand and keep processing.  First off, we started with a huge game of Bingo, involving tables… round tables.  Knights of the round table.  Because it was a table of all guys, but never mind.  We played with Skittles, and while nobody at our table won any of the fabulous prizes that they presented, it was still a lot of fun.  Lots of fake complaining about rigged games, and a bunch of random clapping from all around.
Mr. Courtney Brown (the guy, not a girl) from Ruah Woods showed up, and gave an awesome talk on the human person.  The dude was pretty hilarious.  I think he had the right balance between funny and serious.  Of course, it helped that us teens were… attentive enough…
Post-talk, we had small groups, in which we discussed… reasonably personal topics, but that was okay, because people were loud enough that we couldn’t hear the others unless we tried really hard.  After ending in prayer, we mingled about, talking with friends.  Matt, Braden, Claire, Clare, Natalie, Michael, Jarod, and Annie were the main people I… met or just talked to.  Others were also present, but being an introvert… awkward turtle self reasserted itself, and thus, I just did my own thing.
Somebody “stole” Annie’s shoes.  I think we should all take note of that.  Never trust middle schoolers who look like the pranking type.  I think.  Maybe it was a high-schooler.  Maybe Annie was practicing to be a hobbit (yes, I personally asked her that beforehand).  Whatever.  The point is, be wary of pranky people.  Especially when it’s pouring rain from the heavens that day.  I ran through pouring rains to reach the sanctuary of my family car.  Good times.
Sunday, finished.

And last but not least, and certainly not the shortest of the three… this Friday’s formal.
This one required breaking-out-of-shell tactics that I totally failed at… to say the least.
3:30 was pictures of fantastic proportions.  We had so many people I would definitely miss somebody if I tried listing them.  Okay, maybe not, but I won’t attempt it.  Suffice it to say, I’ll include a photo with most (not all, because there were several dudes who showed up shortly afterward) of the humans.
At 1600 hours, we moved out, and started the… almost hour long drive to our destination.
Now here was where the girls diverged from the guys in terms of discussions.  Sitting in the back were myself and three other dudes.  We started talking about schisms and different heresies, and a bunch of other theological topics, including the Crusades.
Some of the girls joined in at certain points, but for the most part, they talked about their stuff, and we talked about our stuff.  It was quite engaging.  We prayed the Rosary, and upon our arrival, people went and joined the dance class that was taking place.
So for an hour, I explored the Sacred Heart Church – which was a very pretty location, might I add – and talked and sang with my brothers in arms.  I confess, I was especially proud of my Doctor Who tie when it came up as a short topic.  Yes, vanity of vanities.  Shut up, me.
When the dance class ended around 5:45, we all stalked briskly into the main hall room, and immediately – as one friend of mine noted – the “segregation began”, with girls and guys taking mainly separate tables.  Fortunately, that was solved, because people inter-mingled eventually.  Heh, well, almost everyone.  Again, awkward turtle.

So social hour happened, I ate food, chewed peppermint-flavored mints, and hung out near the window.  Behold, my introversion.  Mrs. Luke, the coordinator, soon called everyone together into a big, open circle.  She gave some messages, then had us all give our name and a symbol that we would put on a surfboard to distinguish it as ours (the theme for the formal was Hawaiian).
IMMEDIATELY following, people just went straight into the Cha Cha Slide… I think.   Either that, or we had dinner first.  Whatever.  The dance happened pretty quickly.  Then BAM!  I found myself at the mercy of the innovative dance card.
Now for those of you that aren’t used to it, don’t worry.  I was like: “!!!!” in response to dance cards.  Scary stuff.  Basically, you get a card with all the names of the girls you must dance with at an appointed time.  Later that night, it wasn’t so bad, but getting into the flow at the beginning had my head spinning.
That, or the trying to find the assigned female in the gaggles of young ladies.  It all worked out, and I danced with both awesome people, people more awkward than me (I know, I thought that wasn’t possible), and people who fell in the middle with traits from both extremes.  Some laughed at my terrible puns, others appreciated the fact that I didn’t slam them into people every two seconds (it was a very crowded homeschooler dance floor).  All in all, the only dances I didn’t really make an attempt to do were most of the line dances, and quite a few of the open dances (because Tango, Mambo, and Rumba, are dances that I just can’t successfully do for the life of me).
So, following my dance card, I danced with *looks at dance card and counts* about 26 girls, all told.  Short songs were played, but that opened up opportunities to dance with everyone.  I could do Triple and Single Step Swing, Waltz, and Cha Cha.  I only missed one dance with a girl who went AWOL for the song we were scheduled for.  Which was a crying shame, in my opinion.
I was glad of the breaks.  They were the only way that I survived anything.  After the first break, we had the Cinderella dance, where girls toss shoes into the center, and then guys go and grab a shoe and find the lady.  Simple, yes?  Not quite.  In a profusion of confusion, guys went around looking for the owner of the shoe.
I picked a black, conservative, flat shoe that made me think of… sensibility.  There, I said it.  Shoes and sensibility.  Whatever.  I danced with… Molly, I believe her name was.  Being terrible with names… well, I could totally be wrong.  At least I tried, amirite?
Electric Slide occurred, and I joined a bunch of guys in doing the… arm link + knee + kick thing.  No idea what the technical term is.  More partner dances, and then… bam!  Another break.  Praise the Lord!  I was able to finish my sandwich, and sit back for a bit longer, pondering the mysteries of life… just kidding, I was trying to figure out who my next 10 partners were.  Sam gave me sage advice.  He said to ask the girl that I wanted to dance with sooner rather than later because:
A. She might get asked by some other bloke.
B. She might be tired, and straight up reject me.
C. I honestly don’t think there was a C… maybe something about it being good for me?

That slate was wiped clean as they called for… the Reverse Cinderella (as I call it)!  Reverse Flash sounds better, maybe.  Us guys popped off our black shoes, and smirked as the girls tried to find us owners.  It was a merry chase.  At last, my shoe was returned to me by Emma, from the co-op.  Blond hair, a highly amused expression, and an excellent dancer.  I was intimidated, but just decided to toss my instincts aside for once.  Well, most of them.  I had to keep my wits about me to do moves, obviously.
It was a good dance, and us guys basically got a mini-revenge on the girls for the Cinderella dance of painful levels.
I had managed to – sort of – pop off the turtle shell for a bit.  Then the Cupid Shuffle happened.  That skyrocketed my adrenaline rush.
Even more partner dances, and all of a sudden, I was at the semi-semi-final dance.  That kind of failed.  I only managed to ask my friend Justine near the end of the song.  I was ashamed of myself, because it ended like… a few several seconds after we attempted to start Swing.  Blah.  But there was another song after that one, so that was… okay-ish…  Turned out, the last dance was Cha Cha.  Err… second to last.  The last was Cotton-Eyed Joe.  That killed my legs, for sure.

To end the night, we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and then had cleanup.
No wait, that didn’t end the night.  I ended up being the Candy Man, and offered candy to people.  It sure started some conversations.  Especially the Fruit Roll-Ups.  Tasty things.
Post clean-up, those of us that were left had an invasion of Tim Horton’s.
Being slightly sick of sweet things, I got an excellent Ham & Swiss, plus a small frozen hot chocolate (maybe not totally sick), and I discussed TV shows and juggling with Frank and Nathan.
I think my reputation now includes being that kid with the candy.  Not in a creepy way.  Think more… 4th Doctor vibe.  “Would you like a jelly baby?” type deal.  Betsy got that reference during clean-up.  I was pleased.  Not many people understand my Doctor Who references.
So there we were, just hanging out sleepily.  We were exhausted, and it had been a good night.  It had been fantastic.  Just… absolutely fantastic.  More fun than I had expected due to my nerves being on edge.  Unknown territory.

Sometimes, the greatest things are the things that require confidence.  Those things that require you to fully step out of your comfort zone.  Thank you God for those moments.  I look forward to the thousands more that have the possibility of taking place.  So with that, onward, brethren!

– M

The Perfectly Mental Mind Of Madness

What was I saying?

Unimportant, probably.  Allow me to be nonsensical for just a moment.  I’ve been itching to write something for forever, and now I find my fingers flying over yonder keys as I peruse this old head of mine for some subject to talk about.

Books!  Best weapon in the world!  Let’s talk about books, and… hold up, I’ve got to add something else besides books… music, and art, most definitely.

So, now that I’ve built the topic, I have to… limit it somehow.  Except maybe not.

Books are doors to other realms, as I’ve oftentimes said outright.  I’m sure there’s a reference somewhere that one can find.  Reality is usually fantastic and all, but blimey, look at all those books.  I’ve got a house full of them, and yet I keep finding myself pulling down the old ones that I’ve read already, and enjoying them all over again.  Why do I do that?  Old habits, old me.  Old as dirt.  Well, not that old.  Forgive the post, I’m out of touch at the moment.

Right, so, why do we sometimes reread books?  Why do we bother going back and looking at something we’ve already experienced then?  Look at pictures, look at old videos, and then look at books.  Fantastic things, a good number of books are.  Pictures are windows to the past, and they tend to trigger something in our heads.  I look at pictures taken from years ago and every separate occasion yields a different reaction.  Why is that?
I would have to reply with, “There’s something to be found each and every time we delve back into the seen and unseen but still sort of seen (in the case of books).”
It’s why we look back at things more often than we’d think necessary.  We’re always finding some new way of looking at things.  It applies to life.  It applies to… well, pretty much everything.

Mistakes are preserved in our memories to keep reminding us to never ever ever ever ever ever do whatever the thing was again.  Every now and then, I get that flash triggered by some lingering memory or photo on like, my dad’s computer, and I’ll go: *facepalm*

It happens more often than I’d usually admit.

Basically, return and return and return over and over, because there are many layers to things!  Bingo!  Not really, I’m still being spontaneous.

At the moment, regarding music, I’ve been listening to instrumentals.  It pays to listen to those when studying.  Just don’t listen to action pieces where the Flash is racing a clock, or a battle’s raging in Narnia, or something fast-paced, because you will feel really rushed when finishing assessments.  That kind of pressure is not too fun.

As for art, I’ve been sketching, which is fun.  I’m still embarrassed by how bad they look, with goofy proportions and what not.  Oh well, keep improving.

Now understand, I don’t usually do this whole spontaneous writing thing, but whatever.  During this spontaneous and rare event, I will talk about my planning.

Some girls might get the impression that a lot of us guys, when it comes to formals and prom, are just like: “Meh.” and throw on some fancy suit and what not, and then we’re just like: “Done.  Let’s go.”
I guess I’m not like those types of guys then (if they exist).  I plan.  In a straightforward fashion.  Sometimes with the aforementioned action music playing in the background as I tie a tie. 😀

There are processes one must follow.

First, basic suit.  Black, duh.  No questions there, especially if I want to wear some vest with it.  Done.
Second, pick a collared shirt.  Something not black, unless you wanna look like some fancy wannabe ninja.  Don’t be a fancy wannabe ninja.  Or lasagna, for that matter.
Third, pick a tie.  For me, it’s either bow tie or regular necktie.  I went through a phase where I was like: “Bow ties are cool!” and to be honest, they are still extremely useful in that they’re kinda easier to tie, for me at least, dunno about all y’alls, so I have a bunch around.  I’m still debating which type of tie is better suited to my particular… face.
Fourth, decide whether the colors are good contrasts and fit together well.  That’s a thing.
Fifth, get advice from your parents.  I get advice from them because my dad has ALL the class, and mom knew/knows how to pick class (she married dad after all.  Duh).

And there you have it.  The manly process by which one (really, only one, because I guess I’m the only one.  Don’t start singing any songs) picks out stuff for a formal or prom.  Any guys who read this are totally free to follow this list thing.  I have no copyright, so have fun with that, and maybe possibly write how it went in the comments.  Or don’t.  It is the crazy weird internet, after all.  You are free to do as you please.  Unless it’s misspell something.  Then you’re as good as dead, but that’s a story for another time.

FRIDAY!  DTS, with chips and walking outside in the cold!  What to say there?  I saw humans, I talked with humans, we discussed past humans (yay Pope Saint Leo The Great!), and then I joined my brethren and served Benediction.  Good stuff.

Saturday was a crazy day.  First, I drove to Ryan’s house (not really).  Then we rode over to Sam’s house, with Ryan’s expert driving keeping us alive.  My thanks, laddie.  There, we totally had a firefight of epic proportions, shooting grunts, brutes, elites, hunters, and we basically Haloed for a bit… then Sam turned up, and we duked it out in Flood mode!
By X point, it was time to leave for the Underground.  Just casually advertising UGTV, people.  It’s open to teens, and you get to see and film concerts.  It’s enjoyable.  Join us, humans.
Basically, we arrived, prepared for a concert, messed around for a good long time, played Werewolf (Mafia with roles based on cards), then filmed a concert of three bands.  It was an interesting process.

I took the high ground, or the balcony, and got those nifty overhead and stationary shots, though I did occasionally zoom in on the humans involved.  It was quite interesting.  Many debates were had about camera positions and the bands themselves.
Post-UGTV, we the volunteer crew were all gathered around a McDonald’s table (don’t ask me why, I didn’t pick the location), and there we sat, and were weird.
Post-UGTV McDonald’s booth invasion, Ryan and I drove back to my house, and it’s around that time where us bros are just like, discussing the deep, somewhat theological questions we had about life and future plans.
All in all, an excellent time.

Sunday was another excursion to Saint Gertrude.  I joined my friend Jonny on the ride up, and when we arrived at the Youth Ministry meeting area, we were kind of waiting around for a few humans to show up.
They did, fortunately, and I found myself talking with Michael, Jonny, Jarod, Braden, Andrew, Rachel, and Annie.  At separate times, for the majority of the half hour.
We talked about… prom, mostly.  About who certain people were asking, about ballroom dancing and the problems of people not being able to do said dances, and prom locations.  Yeah, it’s that time of year again.

Fr. Carroll gave an awesome talk about Mary, and why she’s an integral part of our faith.  I need a meme.  It would say: “One does not simply profess to be a Catholic if one does not believe in Mary.”
But seriously, Mama Mary is our Mother.  The New Eve.  The most awesome Lady ever.  She’s so cool.
Anyway, small groups, then we headed into the church to attempt to receive a plenary indulgence.  I still gotta go to confession to complete my tasks.  I would most definitely desire a plenary indulgence.  It was Divine Mercy Sunday, people!  I’d prefer not to spend lifetimes in Purgatory, thank you very much.
After we had prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, we had announcements from Mr. Bursa, and then we were out of there, back whence we had come.  Actually, not yet.
We went back to the cafeteria, going around saying hi and bye to random people.  Just outside the doors, I found myself talking to Annie and Jonny.  I spotted a Mary medal that Annie was wearing, so I was like: “Cool medal.”
Then that started this whole conversation on medals, and then St. Benedict medals in particular (I was wearing mine, and I showed the two of them), and then exorcisms.  Apparently, according to Annie, the blessing over Saint Benedict medals is like a mini-exorcism.  Lots of prayers over it in Latin, and when priests say prayers in Latin, you know heavenly awesomeness is pretty much raining down.
Anyway, to end the evening, I managed to get Andrew and Jonny to fall into formation, and we marched out of there, and then we pretty much called it a night.

Which is exactly what I’m doing now!  Farewell!  Until after a formal, or whenever.

– M

Dedicated Swing Dances & Occasions for Celebration

This is the random update before my break officially ends, because school returns tomorrow (*insert internal death*), and so I wanted to do an Easter post.

Now, given some previous writing things, y’all might have the wrong impression of me being some super serious, uber deadpan (well, other than the pictures) person.
There’s me assuming, but eh, this = a mostly fun post

But no hashtags.  I frown upon those most of the time.  Unless it’s April Fools.  In which case –

MARCH!  I had a US History test at the beginning of the month.  No biggie, although I was kinda going insane when I heard about it.  Turned out, I exaggerated it in my head, so I was like: Yay!  When it was done of course.  You try yelling during testing.  You’re liable to get kicked or receive a T grade (HP reference, huzzah!).

This Lent was not exactly my greatest, but room for improvement is always needed, I s’pose.
Every Sunday of March was awesome however.  I got to join my St. Gertrude friends for some much needed mini-Easter time and pretty much pray, party, and talk (alas, no more alliteration) until a little after 9:15 pm.

March 13, Friday, was RPG REUNION NITE!
Jacob, Sam, Rich, Cam, Connor, Paco, and I.  Boom.  We played Magic into the wee hours, and then did Connor’s epic campaign, which was awesome.  Then we slept.  I succeeded in not getting sugar throat from Ale-8 this time around!
Those guys are so old.  College people.  Unfortunately, I will eventually become one.

March 14, Saturday, was ENCOUNTER.  As ever, it was awesome.  I gotz meh self a red Encounter shirt and saw – *takes deep breath* – Ryan, Alan, Jessica, Rob, Lydia, Annie, Jarod, Mr. Bursa, Andrew, Sydney, Natalie (I believe), Rachel, Clare, Clare, Maggie, Jonny, Michael, Luke, and a few others who I know by sight rather than name. *exhales*

18th was (extended) family day, so we ate pandesal made by mom, drove Go-Karts, and bought sugary foodsez at Jungle Jims.  Le awesome candy store.  I really need to work on my racing skills.  I was utterly terrible at it.

27th, I accompanied my little sister Yena to this play, which was awesome.  I also saw a bunch of old friends who had returned from college, and was highly amused by the way humans acted in the separate parts of the play.  Darn, I’m trying to decide whether I should go to more of those.

28th, was main point of world fusion.  The day of reckoning, the day when dance skillz are truly put to the test, and either make or break your face.  Also, photo credit to Jessica!
Swing Dance at C.I. Beaver Hall.  I don’t know why they named it that, but always do a Beaver Call!  Yeah, sorry, that was lame.  Moving on.

Arrival by Josh, Ryan, and Alan.  The seven of us drive up to the Hall of Glory, and we begin with a quick lesson.  I, deciding to overcome my introversion for one brief moment, partnered up with Justine, someone I had previously met at some Encounter in the past.  Le worlds of homeschooling, swing dancing, and Roman Catholic events collide.

There are fast songs and slow songs, so I dance with a bunch of people, but quickly find myself out of my depth, and more than a little uncomfortable.  I go and patrol the snack area more than once that night.  It’s pretty bad.

Now, here I thank my friend Ryan, for his shoving.  The man dun did good.  He introduced me to this one person, and beforehand had told me that he would set up a dance between us.  For obvious reasons, I will not disclose names, because it was the epitome of awkies.
I was standing to the lady’s right, and Ryan in front of her.  He introduced us, and then struck up a conversation with her.  Suddenly, I feel a not-so-subtle nudge from his toe.  She notices too.  Then, Ryan is nodding his head at her.  Also very noticeable.
I end up dancing with her, and while it was as awkwardly painful as shame feels, I have to thank Ryan for doing that.
My awkward turtle self would never have asked her to dance without his shoves.
So once more, my thanks, Ryan, in case you ever read this, dude.

In other words, I thought the swing dancing was great!

EASTER!  Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Holy Thursday, which was solemn, and epic.

Good Friday, Paco and I served Mass.  Lights dimmed, little to no music.  Super solemn.

EASTER SUNDAY WAS A DIFFERENT STORY.  We all pretty much sang our heads off.  Also, ALLELUIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the max.  Crazy fun.  We served with this cool dude, named Jake.  It was a legit Mass.  Lots of candles, lots of epic.  Such awesome, much holy.
Afterwards, as a family, we had good food, and burned things in a backyard bonfire, as dad and I had done while Paco and Yena were at Easter Vigil the day before.

And now, Easter Monday.  Behold my nonsensical, randomness!  This has been monthly run-throughs with Migi.  Tune in next time to hear about coffee, homeschooler formals, and other things that crop up in life.  Except school.  Because while somewhat necessary, it’s not something to go blogging about (usually).

Happy Easter everyone!  Enjoy the season!

– M

Who Is Great Enough?

Is disappointment some natural thing with most people?
That disappointment with who and where we are in life?
Now, I honor my promise to write up my thoughts on this, and actually finish this long postponed draft.  Nothing crazy or groundbreaking, just my short take on it, with everything that I’ve heard and learned from others.
So –

Granted, we have things that should rightly lead to disappointment with self, but in no way am I saying that we should beat ourselves up and put ourselves down.  It does no one any good.  No sirree.  We hurt on the inside, but no matter how good we think we are at hiding that weight, people can usually tell anyway.  It might have something to do with the kind of… chilly and dark feeling you get after being around such burdens.  Spend enough time nearby, you just might get an idea of what’s going on beneath the surface.
I write this sort of letter – note – thing because I’ve heard it often said in recent days that a lot of people around me believe they’re not “good enough”.
Now, being imperfect humans, yeah, I can definitely say that we’re unworthy of the graces that God has rained down upon us.  That plus the fact that He became man and died for us on the Cross in direct response to our unworthiness of His mercy, should be blazing in our minds and hearts like some inferno (an excellent point by Mr. Bursa yesterday [from the relative point of time, when I started trying to write this on Monday]).
Now, there’s that level of unworthiness.  A first aspect that we need to remember to better understand our humanity.  Another thing to remember is that the Lord does us a service by coming to us in our imperfection.  It’s our encounter, and when I say encounter, I mean His arrival to help us battle our sinfulness.  Spiritual warfare.
The other level, that other side to the coin (but still going with our whole humanity thing) is the question: “Who created us?”
God.  And since God can’t create anything inherently evil*, then we must definitely have some amount of goodness.
Sometimes it’s more visible than others, but that’s just how life goes.  So, what to do with that info?
Well, that means that we need to respectful of the created beings that humans are, whether it be ourselves or others around us.  To do anything less than that is to challenge God’s beauty.  Hating ourselves is hating His creation, and believe me, that doesn’t help anyone… well, except the devil, but that er… thing… can go to hell.  And when I say go to hell, it’s kind of like telling him to go back to his messed up house thing… if you can call hell a house, but I’m off topic again.

What I’m trying to say is, if we are God created creatures, then we need to remember that all of us are “worthy” of respect.  We’re temples of the Holy Spirit, dude.  One does not simply disrespect those, because then there end up being consequences.  Believe me, I know.
So just straight up saying, respect others and ourselves, because I’ve met people who disrespect others.  They, more often than not, do that because their own confidence and self esteem is on pretty shaky ground.  And hey, not defending them, but what I mean is, even though those people will mistreat you, no matter what they say or do, you’ve got to be the shield and protect others as well as yourself by believing only what is true.  Don’t let those people or even those little voices in your head get to you.  Those buggers are the worst.
So in conclusion, don’t believe those lies that your hear, saying you’re not good enough in X capacity.  In response to disappointment with current situations, try to seek the joys that are present right here and now, and suddenly your whole life might get put in perspective.  Those little things won’t matter, as long as you
~ Don’t stop, believin’!  Hold on to that feelin’! ~
But yes, seriously, if you’re struggling, then seek out your family, or really good friends.  Bond.  Do something active.  Enhance a skill.  If you must focus, focus on the belief that someone (*cough, cough* God) loves you, and that if that’s the case, then everything will be just fine.  Or awesome.  Or just fantastic.  Absolutely fantastic.

So, from here, I could go into how that whole respect thing is different from “tolerance”, but I think I’ll save that for another time, maybe way later in the future, when I’m much more confident in my ability to give a clear, concise, and thoroughly levelheaded answer to challenging thoughts.

Thus, I close with the ever awesome, Jeremiah 29:11.

“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you… plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope.”

– M

*If you’re wondering why I say that, you can check out this link from one boss source on the subject: