Coffee, Coffee Houses, And The Snows Of Blizzardness

Two months since my last post involving things.  Yeah, suffice it to say, life = busy, coupled together with some good times.  Thus, I return to this blog with a firm focus on randomness this time around!  YOU have been warned!

My return is about as slow as the return of Doctor Who (I jest), but at least there’s the Flash to look forward to – STOP!
Is this post about TV shows?  No!  We shall instead speak of actual human interaction that occurs outside of this little big world we call the internet.

*Pulls calendar down from the wall*

So January flew by with a swift and sudden vengeance!  Let’s see… oh!  January was another round of ballroom dance classes.  You might say, “Oh, this dude is totally obsessed with dancing and thus he must equal insanity in its purest form!” and I can say I understand the sentiment, so this thing will be quick.  4 classes, first 3 devoted to Swing (Triple step), Cha Cha (Cha), and Texas Two Step.  Some more of my friends joined in this time around and that made it go WOOSH!  And then if you looked to your left, it’d be like: “Whoa, there goes January.”
That’s not to say I’m done talking about January, but there was… one other thing!  Connor returned for a weekend, and us RPG people hung out in this new year of icy weather.  We spent a – *cough, cough* – “night on the town”, which was basically Magic, Magic, more Magic, and oh, Encounter Cincinnati.  We got VIP seats there because of our late arrival.
A friend who enjoyed selfies quite a bit was also there, so selfies occurred (please, never again), and eventually, us humans got a group photo.  Yay crazy homeschoolers blocking some of the Underground’s floor up!
Maybe I’ll post the photo with this post, because it’s a cool photo, and maybe a cool post.

January.  Bam!  Next!

*flips calendar page*

February dawned cold as the night.  How that made sense, ask my mental processes.  I’m on a sleep deprived + sugar + seeing friends + Jesus high.  February, February, February.  My friend Ryan and I got coffee, which was free thanks to that great offer by Chick-Fil-A (you know, just throwing that out there), and discussed video games, weaponry (ish), prom planning (because we’re planning our group get together thing with some of our other friends) and sipped away at free coffee with some super tasty fries and sauce.
After finishing said delicacies, we went to Gamestop and messed around with an Xbox One (because we could).
February = final dance class on the 6th, with high probability of seeing all those people at the Holy Family Prom or at say… Saint Gertrude… but I’m getting ahead of myself.
My siblings and I took part in a Martial Arts Demo, displaying our mad (boasting here y’all) skillz with all sorts of weaponry.  My brother with his broadsword, me with my machete and a tomahawk, and my sister with her own shorter sword borrowed from our instructed instructor who instructs us in instructing others.
Demo = The 7th.

Then DTS happened!  Yay DTS, where I actually had social interaction with people!  It was crazy.  I love being a selective-introvert if that’s a thing.  I actually contributed to a group discussion, which was… very unusual.  Anyway – Saturday!
PARTY TIME!  Yeah, I was out for a while.  It was suitably insane.  What happened?  I proved myself as the ruler of Catan, and beat everyone twice.  The last game… eh, that didn’t go so great.  Food: Pizza, Ale-8 (The Nectar of God, if I may be so bold), CANDY, and sugar sugar sugar.  But I survived, and that’s why – good grief, I’m very out of it.
So to put it straight: Friday = DTS, Saturday = Party, and Sunday… well, to keep it short, Sunday = St. Gertrude Coffee House Talent Show with Coffee and Cookies and Prayer and then Social Gaming.  Yes, that was keeping it short.  No… wait, keeping it short would be… Sunday = ALL IN ONE!  Yeah… that’s what they called it.  Right.  Details:

The night was icy cold as the human took lengthy strides towards the foreboding looking building, stretching out of sight somewhere off to the right.  He deliberated in the entrance way for a good two minutes, seeing actual people and fearing social interaction.  Fortunately enough, he spotted his friend through a window, and boldly shoved the doors open, leading him into the abyss of… well, a room with a bunch of tables, chairs, and coffee sitting around.

Turns out, it wasn’t all that bad.  A quick sign in on a paper sheet, then I was off and grabbing a sticker nametag before barging into the room where my friend and his other friend were practicing for the talent show with their banjo and violin.  They decided practicing in front of an audience was boss, so they did their routine while I stood as the sole witness.  Needless to say, I was suitably impressed.
5 minutes later, steeling myself for the inevitable exit, I paused with my hand on the door… handle… thing… and then just went for it and stepped out.  I think I regretted it at first, but later, probably a good thing.  Our adult leader noticed me, introduced me to people, and then they in turn introduced me to others.
Fast forward again to about… 15 minutes later.  Packed room.  Like crazy packed.  Except near the coffee.  Which I took advantage of.
Announcements, then two teen leaders took over calling up humans for the talent show.  I saw excellent performances involving violins, pianos, songs actually written by the person, duets, group songs, gymnastics, some ballet, and lots and lots of laughter.  Good, good stuff.
After those billion occurrences, we headed over to the church to listen to Father Carroll talk about the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Lent, before actually praying it.
It’s a fantastic prayer, and I’ve been trying to incorporate it into daily habits.
So with that finished, us teens walked back through the chilling wind into the Parish center for open gaming.  My friend Jonny and I just went walking around talking to random people, or basically trying to act social.
It succeeded, and we sat down with Jarod and Anna Grace, talking until it be gone or be dead time!

*takes a deep breath*

And that, my fellow mortals, is where I finish today.  Why did I write all that stuff in such a manner? ‘Cause I’m CRAZY!  Tune in next time to hear how humans who need sleep talk a lot more with extraneous details befitting the role of insanity in today’s society!

– M

P.S.  But not really, because – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…