Random Moments of Extroversion & Other Small Matters

The kid is 6… that’s not creepy at all.
So Nino turned 6 today, and good zombies is he getting big.  My dad measured him just an hour earlier and apparently he’s grown more than 2 inches in the past year… yeesh.

Well, boss, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help wondering how things are going to be when he’s older.  Maybe 12 years old… and I’ll be… 22… that’s not a happy thought.  ANYWAY –

3. Good number that is.

Recently there was this party… with a white elephant gift exchange thing that I only half understood because there were numbers and good grief, I’m skipping this.  So fortunately I was with a bunch of friends for the evening, and we sat around talking in our little groups about all the random stuff we wanted to do.

Dance classes… learning etiquette for when asking girls – no, scratch that – ladies to dance or just addressing them in general.  Good stuff to learn.  Yeah, chivalry.  It is not dead, no matter what people say.  It’s still very much alive, it just needs to become more visible.  Dancing, some analyzing of societal trends as well as the habits of humans that we surround ourselves with, and then poking around on a piano.  I really should have learned piano when I was younger… hmm…

So that was one occasion in my mostly introverted – well, to be honest, selectively social life – where I was around enough people to make heads roll, ish.
Basically, surround yourself with epic people, and you’re… more likely to stick with them.  Hopefully they’re good influences on you, and friends are made, of both genders.


4. Because this is just too much fun (last, trust me).

CHRISTMAS YEAH BUDDY.  Newsflash: Christmas isn’t over.  There’s still a good bit of time until the epiphany, so hold your horses on the whole taking down the fancy lights and decorations.  I’ve seen too many people call it X-Mas just to stop “offending” people.  Other newsflash: Someone out there will always be offended by what you believe… for whatever reason, and trying to please everyone will lead to you pleasing just about no one.  Don’t be that one person who changes views on a whim.  If you have nothing to stand for, then you won’t have anything to die for, and I’m pretty sure that if you have nothing worth dying for…. life really is pointless.

So anyway, CHRIST LIVES! AW YISS! =  AD = Anno Domini (Not “After Death”, no zombies no) = Year of Our Lord = Reason to Live and Die for = Life made.

So yeah, life is worth living, and we just need to find those things that make it super awesome, and thus be joy-filled and ready for life.  This really is stuff I’m just trying to follow myself.  I’m a crazy downer to myself most of the time for no good reason… probably.

So now I list my reasons why life is awesome.  It’s sort of a personal help thing.  I encourage y’all to try it if you’re up to it.

  • Right now I plan on joining the Youth Ministry up at a semi-local church.  Other upside of having like-minded friends: You’re less likely to have conflict with them.
  • Ballroom dancing classes of non-awkwardness because Swing (in case it wasn’t totally clear from all my other posts – yep, I’m one of those teen guys who enjoys ballroom dancing) in January.
  • Campouts throughout the year with Trail Life (and fires!).
  • Those friends who make life bearable and yet keep me on my toes with their tricks and warfare (RPG and DTS people).
  • A boss family.  Two epic parentsez who are a model of epic marriage, and five siblings who are either watching over us from Heaven; making food and introducing us to young adult people; speaking of the wonders of college and lessening some concerns about school; being a younger person who comes to me for varying levels of advice; or being that kid with all the imagination in the world, constantly creating all the inventions he can think up.
  • And finally – but really He who should always be first in life – God.  What a great gift He has given to us.  We must strive even through all our sin-filled faults to reach Heaven.  Seriously, Hell sounds like… well, Hell.  I’d hate to spend all of eternity stuck there!  Yowza!  Earth is temporary.  Eternity is eternity.  So deal with it, and get to Heaven.  Hopefully everyone – especially those who feel lost – find a way to return from wherever they are in life, no matter the struggle! Onward!

Love and Loss are the stuff that Life is made up of.
Oh it ebbs and flows, shifting current unceasing,
towards the end of time, that all are yet seeking.

So continue searching for true joy.  It’s definitely more than worth it.


Brotherly Bonding Over Aliens & Other Insanely Epic Feeling Practices

XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

It’s a matter of uh, self control and resistance and all that.  An immature matter of finding a video game super addicting.  More on that later.
Today is… *checks calendar* the 21st.  Good zombies.  In less than 24 hours, my youngest sister will be 13.  Egads.  Allow me to choke on my breakfast bread.

Right, a current issue I’ve been having according to my mother is being like…. super scatterbrained with these posts.  So I will address…. a paragraph(?) to each subject I write.  Right, after writing that righteous statement, I shall continue onward with this flow of thoughts.

1. (Because I need the little number to remind me)
So, this month is a month of birthdays.  My dad had his 50-something birt – you know what, he doesn’t look close to 50.  He had a birthday, and he’s still my awesome youthful boss dad with words of insight and the skills befitting a martial artist.  So the 15th was his birthday, and his and mom’s 25th anniversary!  Huzzah!  Yay marriage!  All us kids should be uber thankful to our parents for raising us, and actually – you know, making sure we showed up in this world in the first place.
So dad’s birthday, next up, Jesus’ birthday!  Yay Jesus!  Seriously, if you don’t feel the holy flowing on Christmas, something is wrong.
The day after is my grandmother’s birthday, another source of wise counseling words, mixed with lots of amusement about my inquisitiveness regarding the purchase of stocks…. oh brother.
Then four days later, it is my youngest brother’s…. 6th birthday!  Yeah, I keep forgetting he’s only…. what, a decade younger?  Seriously, the kid grows waaaaaaaaay too fast.
Right, so what am I trying to say here?  This month is packed with celebration.  Look at all these birthdays, awesome reminders of you know – when we showed up, and really, it’s a time of thankfulness.  You’ve got these people who arrived on these days, and it’s like: ‘Man, where would I be without these awesome ladies and gents?’
So you know, find those pockets of joy all throughout your year.  Repeat next year (because 2015 is perfectly divisible by 5, yeah buddy!), and you might find yourself becoming a more joy-filled person.  Heck, I need to try that more often.

2. (Loving this number system thing)
I’ll be the first to admit that my brother and I have have a rocky…. brothership.  It makes sense, given that he’s a college aged person, and I’m… well, me, but that’s not to say that we don’t have our bonding moments.  While semi-rare, they are yet another bright spot in this day and age.
XCOM.  Yep, you probably guessed it.  We bond over destroying video game aliens in a succinct manner, ignominiously destroying their faces before they destroy ours!  But yeah, he’d been pestering me to get this game since forever ago, with me being the skeptical one, and so I finally got it on Steam, and now I’m… more addicted than he is now.  Go figure.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is this tactical shooter sort of thing that the two of us both enjoy.  He’s better at it in that it’s overhead warfare.  I win at the ground level, in FPS, but that’s beside the point.  We recently went up against one another, and of course, he took me down a bunch of times in a row.  I finally sort of got the hang of it, and countered, winning a few in my own turn.  The ratio of wins stands: 5:4, so he’s only one up on me (although he claims he was distracted during our last games that he lost).
So for this second section, I’m just looking for another bright spot of life – good therapy, eh?

3. (Wait, three?)
Derp, might have to continue writing this later.  Consider this a work-in-progress.  It’s 7:13 AM, and I must prep for Mass.  Yay serving!  *runs around the house yelling in an undertone, if that’s possible*.


Your update is in another post.  Mwahahahaha!
But no seriously, I’ll go and write in a new one, because going back just to read updates is probably a pain.