First Aid Rescues Gone Askew, & Standing In The Cold Singing Songs

No small children were harmed in the practicing of carries and drags.

So Monday loomed, dark and maybe not as depressing as it sounds.  That was… 1 week previous.  On said Monday, we had to deal with a bunch of screaming humans, oh, and awards.  Those were also important, yes.  Awards, which were very certificatey and lanyardy.  The stitching was impressive though, can’t fault the makers for that.  Our entire Troop was present as people got handed a bunch of different awards, ranging from: “Trailman of the Year” to “Land Of Legend”.

That wrapped up pretty neatly, and someone must have been handed the bow, so us Navigators and Adventurers skedaddled.  Now I tend to have X amount of guys to teach stuff, but zombies.  I had five in addition to myself – less than usual, and it was not pretty.  Children were screaming as they were dragged across the floor, people were pretending to be unconscious as they were examined and then forcibly lifted over people’s shoulders.  It was chaos, taking the form of First Aid Carries.  Oh, those devilish happenings.  We starting small, with the walking assist.  It sounds simple enough, but when you have about 4 guys shouting at each other in a tiny room, it suddenly drives you insane.  I finally got their attention, and had them assist some helpless dude with a “broken” leg, which they successfully did for a few steps… before dropping the practice victim like a sack of potatoes.
It was not a happy day to be a victim.

From the one-man assist, we moved to two-man assist, concerning an unconscious body lying face down, and probably alive, but he was convincingly dead enough looking for us to not feel too bad about struggling with picking up his figure.  The guy in question should not have weighed that much, because he was a kid.  Alas, it proves what weaklings we probably are.  At last, us humans who had the strenuous task of demonstrating got both the victim’s arms over our shoulders, carried him X amount of feet, right before unceremoniously dropping him as my associate was overcome with exhaustion.  We were satisfied with our results, and we moved on to the second portion: drags.

Dragging assists are not normally pretty or convenient, and even more so when we had rowdy children who seemed to relish each bit of carpet burn obtained by their fellow-Trailmen.  It looked about as painful as pain feels.  Blanket assist, no biggy, even though we didn’t have a blanket.  We used a jacket, and managed to move my disproportionately large (with regards to the jacket) friend a few steps before said jacket threatened to tear.  We left that one, and moved to shoulder drags.  Gripped under the arms, we moved the victim with each slow, wavering step, leaving his legs ouchied all over.  I confess, we did not feel much sympathy.  Just don’t ask them how they got those scars, because ankle drags followed, the most unceremonious drag of all the drags.  That drag is last resort.  Head injuries are not cool, unless you survive, then maybe they’re cool.  It’s debatable.

At last, we finished carries, and er… well, that was Monday.  Ermegersh, now it’s Mernday agern.  Before we venture into the snow-laden world, we return to Saturday, because singing in the cold.

Early Saturday morning, wearing coats and gloves and hats and headgear, as well as hoods that made us look shady, my sister and I arrived at Kroger… to assist in my friend’s Stars & Stripes Project, phase… 3.  We’ll go with phase 3 until she corrects me.  So we stood, talking nonsensically, and occasionally handing out things that  were – according to the lady person –  bookmarks.  It was confusing.  We traded a rather large amount of friendly insults, and saw two old staff people, who seemed to thrive in the cold weather by eating a loaf of bread.  Don’t ask, it was weird.

So we stood there, accosting passersby as boldly as we dared, and asking them to help with a Baby Supply Drive.  Yeah, Kroger people are cool.  Needless to say, we basked in the sun’s glow once it had a more pronounced presence in the sky.  There was some discussion of long coats, Irish dancing, songs of the type that drive people to lunacy, and desires for Ale-8.

‘Nuff said.

– M

Artistic Overland & Political Arguments (Of The Gaming Sort)

Well, I haven’t posted in 2 weeks, what with stuff and all.  Tuesday was the original intended day of posting, but things stopped that happening.  Lazy, you might say, and you’d probably be right, but for an action plan, I will write… a lot… probably.  It’s basically a brain dump as some people call it.  Anyway, here goes!  —–

I’m sure that there’s some art out there that has that thing that I’ve been staring at.  Car rides are ideal for that sort of thing.  You look out the window and see some marvelous growth of trees jutting out of the earth, topped with the fading light brought on by the setting sun.  Yeah, car ride visuals.  Art and 6 hours in the car is… about 70% sleep, 20% watching a movie, and 10% staring out at the epic landscape.  Saint Louis is, by the way, the destination of such a 6-hour drive.

Our most recent excursion was just that, with a mission to arrive and celebrate my grandfather’s birthday.  Leaving around… some time in the afternoon, we sat in the car, singing songs, watching Doctor Who episodes (something I’ve been trying to get my older siblings interested in), more watching instead involving movies, and staring out the window while listening to music.  Oh, and sleep, lots and lots of sleep… for everyone except me.  I decided to work on homework – well, carwork if we’re going with technical terms, given that pretty much everything I do is homework – involving the dreaded Algebra 2.  Parabolas, and all those lovely quadratic models and what not.

Arrival was actually very warm.  Saint Louis was moderately heated, so that was pleasant enough.  Clearly, no one had told it that it was fall yet.  So Friday fell into slumber, and Saturday, we all groggily rose up… eventually, and slouched over to the dining table.  Apparently, my mum and her side of the family had gone to Mass to celebrate, and that was cool.  It was an interesting aspect that I should consider more thoroughly, while remembering that there are the two sides joined in union, uniting all these branches and shoot-offs of separate family trees.  We spent the day doing schoolwork (not too bad), exploring the interwebified world, and actually going outside for once and sketching things in the not too industrialized world of actual worldliness.

Movie night!  Amusing movie, not entirely appropriate for us younger humans, but that’s what happens when the relatives decide to watch Fast & Furious 6.  Needless to say, I buried myself in some more Doctor Who and a LOT of Agents Of Shield.  Bubble tea is very tasty.  Especially my special order of a coffee-flavored one.  We drank that at about 10 pm, which caused me to stay up for a while before somehow dropping off to whatever world sleep is in.  Well, this one, yes, but eh.

Sunday bloomed, brightly lit by the radiance of the sun, the splendor of the vanishing moon, and the swiftness of um… fire!  Fiery coffee that is.  It was exactly what one needed for such a morning.  I would have had two cups, but that came to nothing, as we had to leave.  We went to Mass as uber extended family, two uncles, my uncle’s wifey, my grandparents, and obviously my part of the family.  We’re all such a large and happy bunch.
Oh, those Pharisees in the reading, trying to trick Jesus with that whole Caesar coin and paying taxes thing.  Crazy, crazy people.

With swift yet measured haste, we set forth from the Church (which had very nice architecture, might I add), and moved to our distinctly colored vehicles of transportation.  We drove out of the parking lot like bosses, and headed for the bricks and er – mortar of the Cheesecake Factory.  Once there, we sated our hunger with bread, coffee, soft drinks, burgers, other things, more other things, and all manner of even more other thingified things.  The Eye(s) of Sauron kept watch over us while we ate, and while rather disconcerted by the proceedings, we had no choice but to feast in a restaurant most likely existing as an off-shoot of Mordor itself.  This did not help our appetites, probably.

Then, straight away, we bade farewell to our relatives, and drove off into the… high noon sun, without the disadvantages of burning up due to solar flare stuff…. yay… but we got selfies in there somewhere.

Fast forwarding through the passage of time, lots of more stuff happened, there was this dance thing where 4 or 5 Doctors decided to show up, messing up the fabric of reality.  The details are fuzzy on that one, probably due to the monumental scale of paradoxes that must have happened that I forgot.  There was lots of very quick-paced music though.  I remember that.  Not a terrible thing, probably, but not very danceable either… well, *coughs* for couple dancing anyway.

Tick tock all the way to Saturday!  Yeah, yesterday was an excellent day, political arguments notwithstanding.  There were long roads, there were sieges and warfare, and there were annoying knights sending the thief to steal stuff from my resource pile.  Yes, an All Saints’ Day Party which became war-packed after Settlers’ Of Catan popped down for us merry adventurers, oligarchy leaders, and dictators… oh… the merry adventurers died due to lack of government.  In our jubilation, we were quick to throw each other into the slaughterhouse, we four, oh so terrible people.  Our Gamemaster, the mighty Sam, as good as pointed out the ripest victims for us metaphorical wolves to descend upon.  It was a bloodbath of stolen resources.  The thief was sent forth almost weekly, taking those valuable pieces for the construction of civilizations and as good as burning them at the stake!  With steak!  Oh, and some pizza and pie.

We pretty much ended the night with a group Rosary prayed by us knights and uh, ladies.  In-training.  Still in progress, but hey, that’s life for you.  Still working towards perfection – hopefully – and you have friends who help you get there.  And yes, I mean those who are dead as well as those who are alive right here and now.  Oh, and when I say dead, that probably isn’t as correct as it should be.  The dead are not truly dead, they who died faithfully are most definitely alive in Christ.  So… ask for intercession from them, like you’d ask some living person for help.  But not exactly that way.  Just a thought.  All Souls’ Day is the day to think about that aspect of life, after all.

– M